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Tuesday, February 10, 2015


I'm currently in Hong Kong for a short vacay, feasting on delicious roasted meat, eggtarts and all the fantabulous yummeh food here before the Chinese New Year! 

ClubCouture has quite a nice range of choices of outfits that are suitable to dress your bridesmaids but do you know that they also offer customized tailor made services as well?

For #FideLeonWedding, ClubCouture was such a darling to offer to tailor make outfits to dress my gorgeous bridesmaids Carrie, Nadnut, Gwennie and Shirley on our big day!

For the design of the dress, I discussed with the girls and i showed them some photos of the ideas I had in mind and after some fine tuning, we decided that we wanted an off-shoulder 2 way peplum dress which can be worn as a top with jeans for the gatecrash in the morning and transformed to a dress for the rooftop poolside wedding solemnization.

 Photo credits to Chris, The Wedding Murals.

Damn bo eng my bridesmaids, cannot imagine have to be all sui sui and constricted in a dainty dress when they have to be so busy preparing the groom+groomsmen 酸甜苦辣 “早餐”.

To shrink wrapping them boys

And even waxing some hairy legs as punishment!

Photo Credits to EggBenedictChan

They wore it as a top for the morning gatecrash, we were gonna tekan the boys jialat jialat so the girls gotta be mobile. Muahaha I love love love the sweetheart neckline and off shoulder straps. Ohh la la sexy!

ClubCouture was real sweet to tailor make me a piece as well so i can have one myself (wore mine during the bridesmaid's afternoon tea meet up session)

The peplum design is very flattering for anyone too, don't have to worry about any jelly belly showing if i overeat or anything! HAHA!

I got them some thin gold waist belts to go with the hot pink top for the morning look. Hehe didn't have much time between the wedding ceremony to the cocktail reception so we didn't get to wear the skirt to "transform" it to a peplum dress in the evening.

 Photo credits to Chris, The Wedding Murals.

Damn cheeky these girls!

For TheLuckiestChick Readers: 

If you are keen to customize your bridesmaid dress / special occasion outfits etc, please email ClubCouture at for enquiries of price/designs discussion etc!

Club Couture will be offering TheLuckiestChick readers 
20% off storewide if you pay with your UOB cards with code "uobxcc"

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

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